Newport Beach Genital Warts Specialist

My name is Steve and I come from Newport Beach, California. I’m a single independent lady with a good job and a mother of one beautiful 3-year old daughter. After months of struggling to find a good Newport Beach genital warts specialist, I thought I should give credit to Dr. Lauber. MD ‘my amazing Newport Beach genital warts specialist‘, one of the best medical practitioners I’ve met so far I must say.

My Story:
For close to a whole year, I’d been highly devastated and frustrated by this viral infection that wouldn’t seem to go away. I developed some two weird-looking bumps around my genital area that looked like the shape of a cauliflower on the surface. At first, I thought and hoped that they were the normal pimples that develop after shaving the region, which commonly goes by the name of razor bumps. After a while, they started growing in clusters around my genital area, including the vulva. Sometimes they would itch and some other times they wouldn’t. However, it became quite hard to get intimate with my then boyfriend Thomas, a very handsome, passionate, and supportive guy. I didn’t have the courage to discuss the matter with him, and I didn’t know where to start either. That’s when I decided to seek answers. Just like most people would, I started with some online research to find out what I was ailing from. All the symptoms pointed to one major possibility, HPV infection or Genital Warts.

It is then that my online search shifted to looking for a good gynecologist or dermatologist. It didn’t take me long before I found some leads and ended up visiting a local gynecologist. To skip the horrible details, I never got assisted. Then it hit me, that I needed a highly trained specialist in the area. I then searched for a Genital Warts Specialist in Newport Beach and that’s when my search led me to one Dr. Lauber. MD.

My Experience with Dr. Lauber
My experience with Dr. Lauber was absolutely amazing. Upon calling the specialist’s office, I was received very warmly and guided on how to place an appointment. I booked one and was invited for a checkup the following day. The staff at the reception was highly pleasant, friendly and courteous. They reassured me that I was at the best place to get a solution.

I only waited for less than 10 minutes before I entered the consultation room for diagnosis. The doctor conducted a physical exam and took notes. He also recommended that I get some lab diagnostic tests and a pelvic exam to confirm the diagnosis even though by then he’d already pinpointed that it I had an HPV infection.

Thanks to their highly sophisticated equipment, the results were out within a few hours and it was indeed HPV. The pelvic results showed that the infection had not developed into cervical cancer. I was counseled and given various treatment options to choose from for getting rid of the HPV bumps. These included nitrogen freezing (cryotherapy), topical treatment, and various other options. I choose the cream option, which got rid of all the bumps within a few weeks. I got appropriate advice and follow-up appointments made for me. Treatment was really affordable in comparison to most other places out there in Newport Beach.

Dr. Lauber is truly a Newport Beach Genital Warts Specialist with expansive knowledge, great experience and high dedication to serving his patients. I strongly recommend that you visit him if you ever have a similar issue.