Why I Chose Dr. Khavarian For My Loss of hair Treatment And Never Recalled

May Hair Loss Issue

My name’s Mandy and I’m 27 years old. I’ve always had great blonde hair which I try to maintain well; always got compliments on it, etc. So imagine my shock one day about six months ago when I got out of the shower and see this strange circular space of no hair above my forehead in the mirror as I’m getting ready for the day. I must admit I did freak out a bit since I had never seen anything like it or heard of alopecia areata, which it turns out is what it was Was I going bald? My dad is bald, I thought, so maybe it’s possible! For real, I thought that. Just to add, I know a lot of people say stress can’t cause alopecia, but I have to point out that I was going through a particularly stressful period at the time(had just had my second baby and was getting into arguments with the hubby about unrelated things). This makes me think stress had something to do with it, but maybe it’s just a coincidence. To make things even worse I was scheduled to go to a younger friend’s wedding in about two months from then, and the spot is right on top of my damn head in a place for all the world to see.

Anyway, once I showed it to hubby, and he had calmed me down a bit and said we’d get it sorted out, I Googled “circle patch hair loss, ” and immediately information about alopecia areata came up. The pictures that came up matched what I had seen in the mirror exactly, so I knew this was my problem. I posted some pictures of my problem area on a forum for alopecia sufferers, and they were very supportive and helpful. Of course, I worried the autoimmune problem (that’s what it is, I learned: white blood cells start attacking your hair follicles, and no one’s exactly sure why this happens) would progress and I’d get more patches, or even worse I’d get alopecia totalis or alopecia universalis. Luckily, my problem wasn’t that serious. I wouldn’t recommend spending hours on the Internet reading about alopecia because you’ll just make yourself more worried like I did.

I learned that alopecia areata IS treatable (although not “curable,” but at the end of the day that’s just semantics) with corticosteroid injections. So I started to search for treatment centers and stumbled across Advanced Hair Restoration in Newport Beach. It seemed to have good reviews and it seemed like they understood my problem, so I scheduled an appointment. The staff were all very kind and friendly. I was treated by Dr. Bahareh Khavarian, a very nice younger doctor with excellent bedside manner who seemed genuinely interested in my problem. She looked at the spot, confirmed what I had already realized myself (that I had alopecia areata) and that same day treated the spot with a corticosteroid injection. What happens is the doctor will wipe the spot or spots with anesthetic, and then use a syringe to treat the area. I won’t lie – the injection does hurt a little bit and I hate injections, but screw it, I wanted my hair to be perfect (we all want to look good, right!?). It’s over pretty quickly, so there’s not much to worry about.

Over the next few weeks, golden hair started to fill in the spot. As you can imagine, I was quite happy. I did have to go back after about four weeks for a repeat injection, though. Ultimately the folks at Newport Hair Restoration really helped me out, ensuring that I looked my best at my friend’s wedding. Just remember – alopecia areata is fairly common and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. However, I’m definitely glad I got it checked out and treated. I would absolutely recommend Newport Hair Restoration. Thanks to them!

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